* Safe, Proven Catalytic Combustion

* Maintenance Free - No Moving Parts

* Easy Installation - Complete Instructions Included

* Cordless - Park Anywhere - No Need for External Power

* Easy to Operate - Activated by a Switch in the Cab

* Economical to Use

* Less Wear and Tear on Equipment/Machinery

* More Money in Your Pocket

for Commercial and Industrial Use 


              * Eliminate Costly Idling

              * Extend Engine Life

              * Cold Starts Made Easy

Features & Benefits

Hilton Industries, LLC

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Propane Engine Heaters by Hilton Industries, LLC -  Hilton Cordless Engine Heaters 12V and 24 V - Official Manufacturer's Website 

A Cordless, Flameless, Safe Engine Heater

The ultimate in cold weather heaters for liquid cooled engines